The Nihao restaurant menu, developed by Chinese chef Gao Chaoyang, illustrates the culinary traditions of various Chinese provinces. Traditional Chinese cuisine is an unbelievable palette of gastronomic nuances and unexpected flavor combinations. The Chinese combine sweet and sour, delicate and spicy, soft and crispy to create real masterpieces of taste.

Dishes from the southern Chinese provinces dominate the menu, as these correspond best to the culinary preferences of St. Petersburg residents and city guests. The wide assortment of beef, mutton, pork, fish, seafood, tofu and vegetable dishes will win over each and every guest with their variety. Nihao offers traditional Chinese desserts, such as rice cakes with a berry filling or layered pies with duck egg yolk. The wine list includes classic drinks and cocktails as well as traditional Chinese wine, beer, vodka and cocktails with typical Chinese ingredients. The menu also includes special offers for breakfast and business lunch.