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Nihao restaurants

The Nihao restaurants are an excellent place to learn about and experience the uniqueness of Chinese gastronomic culture, be amazed by the diversity of ingredients and combinations in authentic dishes from various provinces of the Celestial Empire and enjoy their bright flavors in a comfortable modern environment.

Nihao Chef is the master from China Gao Chayaong, well-known for his work in multi-starred restaurants in Beijing. After many years of experience in Russia, he has specially selected the dishes for Nihao which will best suit the tastes of residents and guests in our city. The signature dishes of the restaurant include Peking duck, ginger braised chicken , crystal shrimp dumplings and many more.

Nihao restaurants are perfect for culinary meetings with friends and relatives as well as for business meetings. The interiors have been decorated in classical European style with typical Chinese elements added that maintain the authentic atmosphere of today’s China.

There are currently four Nihao restaurants operating in St. Petersburg. Fifteen more restaurants will be opened in various districts of the city over the next 3 years. The dishes cooked in new restaurants will be more adapted to tastes of St. Petersburg residents. In the flagship restaurants guests will be able to try Chinese dishes as before, traditionally cooked by chefs specially invited from various provinces of the Celestial Empire.

The name of the chain, Nihao, means “hello.” The restaurants invite guests and residents of the city to spend some time immersed in the atmosphere of Chinese culture and hospitality.


The Nihao chain has become an identifiable brand on the Russian market. St. Petersburg residents associate it with high-level authentic Chinese cuisine and nice modern decor. The chain invites partners to open restaurants in St. Petersburg, Moscow and other cities of Russia on a franchise contract basis.
If you’re interested in cooperation with us, write to us: franchise@nihaorest.com